Wednesday, 2 September 2009

The Dirty Girl Diaries

Had a look at this site after I was sent an e-mail about it. Loving it. So thought I would share it with you all x

For as a long as there’s been music, women have danced for the entertainment and titillation of men. Scheherazade. Minsky’s Burlesque. Cage dancing go-go girls in the psychedelic 60’s. Times Square strippers, pole dancers and lap dancers.

Women dance….Men watch

THREE NAKED LADIES talk about the view from the stages and laps of the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today, every Wednesday at noon. We want to hear your Times Square stories.We want to build a community, so jump in, tell us what you remember. There have been a million changes in the naked for money business from fans and fancy stages to lap dances in dark corners.

Join us every Wedndesday at noon : three naked ladies talking 'bout the revolution in the naked for money business


Rachel Aimee has been dancing in New York City strip clubs since 2004, mostly avoiding the corporate “gentlemen’s clubs” that have taken over Manhattan in favor of the low-pressure dive bars. She co-founded $pread Magazine ( and was editor-in-chief from 2004 to 2008.

Lauri Shaw skipped out on college and the American dream in favor of NYC’s colorful nudie bars of the late 90’s, right before Mayor Rudy Giuliani took his pickaxe to Times Square as we knew it. She never regretted her transfer to the world-famous School of Hard Knocks, and she graduated Magna Cum Laude

Jodi Sh. Doff (aka Scarlett Fever) the dirtygirl of comes from a Times Square before Disney got it’s four fingered hands on it and turned it into Mouschwitz, when pimps still looked like Huggy Bear. A time before AIDS, silicon implants or lapdances…the 70s and 80s. Times Square at the height of its pornographic bare bottom!

tell you friends! We'll keep a light on for you!

get dirty! @

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Friday, 21 August 2009

Busy Bee


...twas I.


Phew, when you haven't written a blog or read various blogs, its a lot to catch up on. So here I am with my cup of coffee nosing around like the busy bee I am. Talking about bee's not seen much of them around this summer. Plenty wasps, moths and daddy long legs hmm.

So I have been busy, house clearing, decorating, rewiring and plastering. Ok didn't do the last two, that would have made my house fall in about my ears. Everything I touched needed fixed. Reminds me of  'Some Mothers Do Have Them" Frank Spencer doing a spot of DIY. You know when you see a house and you look around and know the house is unloved. Well that's mine at the moment. I've fallen out of love with the place and it needs someone else to spread the love.

Twas I who was blonde and now gone brunette in the last week.

Twas I who has been starting to look at developing myself. So been looking after me for a bit and have a plan.

Had some timeout, reorganising my time. Its all food for the soul.

Recently met up with Selina, it was so good to see her again. A fellow escort based in London but enjoying some of the Scottish delights. So caught up with her on her busy tour. I decided to take a few Glasgow bookings and Selina kindly rotated the hotel room with me. What a laugh. The maid for the room struck up a rapport with Selina so she was very kind with giving us extra towels and toiletries.

Can't wait for her to get her tour dates and join her on a few of these dates up in Bonny Scotland. Will keep you this space.